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Media Training

The difference between a successful media interview and a PR disaster
can be narrow. That’s why anyone who faces the media should be properly
prepared and trained.

Which is where Aberfield’s media training team comes in.

Our bespoke media training courses are ideal for people who have little or no media experience, or who feel they need to brush up their skills.

Our media training experts, based at our Leeds offices, have been on both sides of the microphone. They’re former journalists, so they know how the media reacts to a story and the questions reporters will ask. And they also have substantial PR experience, with hundreds of interviews under their belts, so they know just how to handle those questions.

They’ll use that extensive experience and expertise to arm you with the skills and confidence needed to handle any media situation.

They’ve successfully trained hundreds of company spokespeople from around the UK – from chief executives to PR managers. And we have the testimonials to prove it!

Media training quotes

There’s no Powerpoint, no communications theory, no long and boring speeches from us about PR or the media. Because we think the best way to learn is to practice – whether that’s in front of a TV camera or a radio microphone.

That’s why all our media training workshops are built around news scenarios that are researched, realistic and relevant to your business. The scenarios will test your spokespeople, and your response strategies, but they will also give them confidence.

For more experienced media spokespeople, we also run specialist media training sessions (sometimes on a one-to-one basis) as part of our crisis communications support.

For more information about our media training, PR or social media services, please use our contact us form or email

Latest News

KFC’s Clean Eating Burger – did you believe it?

KFC recently launched a ‘Clean Eating Burger’ in collaboration with Figgy Poppleton-Rice. Or did they? The video cover image, a close up of the product with a list of the ingredients, was all the information I thought I needed; the “ice cube relish” gave it away for me, but many believed the burger would be +

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Making the press officer the story is simply a weapon of mass distraction

I don’t know about you but I couldn’t name a single one of Barack Obama’s or even Theresa May’s press secretaries or spokespeople. Yet the names of Sean Spicer, Kellyanne Conway and Stephen Bannon are already household names, only a short time into Donald Trump’s presidency. In the UK we’ve become used to political spin +

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Hello from Aberfield’s newest addition

Hello! I’m Chloë, Aberfield’s newest consultant. An events management graduate, I’ve worked on events and PR activities for brands including NHS, Maserati, V Festival and Bupa. I always enjoyed the PR side of events so decided to make the move into PR full time and so far, so good! The team at Aberfield have welcomed +

Posted on March 8, 2017 by

“Alexa, what’s the opportunity for brands?”

I, like many others, have experienced the joys of the new Amazon Echo since it launched last year. For those that haven’t, the Amazon Echo is a virtual voice-controlled assistant for the home. The name of the assistant is Alexa and she can do everything from tell you the temperature outside, to play your favourite +

Posted on March 3, 2017 by

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