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Rules are meant to be broken - but not when it comes to copywriting

There's one in every office - someone who remembers back to English lesson 101 on punctuation, grammar, split-nouns and homonyms and is quick to point out the mistakes that, as educated adults, we all know but often forget. But does the odd spelling mistake and misplaced comma really matter? T...


Posted on Tue 10th Nov, 2015 in: Advice, Copywriting, Public Relations by Jenny Wilkinson

Is this the winter of discount-end for the Big Four?

As Asda was the first of the main grocers to break its Christmas campaign during last weekend's X Factor, it's not hyperbole to suggest that this is a crunch Christmas for the big four. With Aldi and Lidl continuing to take market share and experience double digit growth (over 17% each in the las...


Posted on Fri 6th Nov, 2015 in: Industry Comment, Marketing, Reputation Management, Retail by Tim Downs

What brand should takeover Leeds United?

Leeds United has been in the press again. Surprise, surprise. But not for the fact that the team beat Cardiff City for the first time in 31 years, or that the club has moved on to its seventh manager in two years. Leeds United owner Massimo Cellino has been making headlines as the saga of the ...


Posted on Fri 6th Nov, 2015 in: Culture, Evaluation, Industry Comment, Influence, Public Relations, Reputation Management, Social Media, Sponsorship by Christian Dente

H&M and Balmain: Unexpected collaborations

It didn't quite break the internet, but last week images of H&M's Balmain collection leaked online. The reason that I consider this an unexpected collaboration is that at first glance it looks like a case of mixed messaging. A retailer that aims to offer 'fashion and quality at the best price...


Posted on Thu 22nd Oct, 2015 in: Retail by Louise ODonoghue

Will plummeting TV ratings force racing's sponsors to declare "they're off"??

The British Horseracing Authority has begun the tender process for a new terrestrial TV contract for racing and, given how the TV audience has been decimated over the past few years, the sport's key sponsors will be watching with interest!and not a little concern. Media coverage is an important f...


Posted on Tue 20th Oct, 2015 in: Uncategorized by Phil Reed

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