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Three tips for creating effective content

How to ensure your copy is communicating effectively with your audiences

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to communications. Whether you’re looking at PR, marketing, advertising or copywriting, what one company needs will always be different to another, even if they’re in the same sector. That’s because we all have different motivati...


Posted on Tue 22nd Sep, 2020 in: Copywriting by Katie Wadsworth

Aberfield Communications invites Ian Briggs to join its Board

Ian Briggs has joined the Board of Leeds-based PR, social media and brand communications agency, Aberfield Communications, as a director and shareholder of the business.

Having joined the business as a senior consultant in January 2019, Ian has helped to oversee a significant growth in the agency’s client base in the last 18 months and now joins Tim Downs as an owner of the business. The appointment comes after Aberfield registered an increase in turnover and...


Posted on Tue 15th Sep, 2020 in: Appointments, Influence, Public Relations by Admin

Has COVID-19 prompted the revival of local news?

Consultant Ella Blake explores what the recent revival in local news means for PR professionals

Throughout 2020, we’ve seen the world become more localised, from local lockdowns to the wave of summer staycations and everything else in-between. Interestingly, the way we consume media is no exception, statistics show that we’ve all been tuning into our local media more regularly comp...


Posted on Thu 10th Sep, 2020 in: Blogs by Ella Blake

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