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Conference and Hospitality Show 2018

Following the launch of our events division, I spent the afternoon at CHS. Here's what I found.

As we’ve just launched an events division here at Aberfield I was really looking forward to the return of the Conference and Hospitality Show (CHS) at the first direct arena. Trade shows are so often held in London, which unfortunately means taking a full day out of the office when you’r...


Posted on Mon 30th Apr, 2018 in: Blogs, Events, Hospitality, Industry Comment by Chloe Matthbury

My time with Dr Harold Shipman

Tim Downs reflects on Dr Harold Shipman and the power the media has when it does its job well

A new documentary marking 20 years since the arrest of prolific serial killer Dr Harold Shipman is being aired on ITV this week. It’s also 20 years since I started my career in journalism, and my first big job happened to be the Shipman case. Back in 1998, I entered the working world as a cu...


Posted on Wed 25th Apr, 2018 in: Media by Admin

Award writing service hits 16 major shortlists in three months

A look at Aberfield’s award writing successes so far this year

Award entry writing is an art form of its own. When it comes down to it, it’s all about demonstrating measurable outcomes and clear results which, if you haven’t heard already, is something we’re particularly passionate about. We take great pride in award writing and profiling, no...


Posted on Fri 20th Apr, 2018 in: Awards by Katie Wadsworth

Will Aberfield be named the UK’s best PR agency?

We were named the best PR agency in Yorkshire. Now we're one of the finalists in the UK public relations industry's 'Oscars'.

Having been the Outstanding PR Consultancy for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire in 2017, Aberfield Communications could be about to go one better and be named best in the UK in 2018. Following another exceptional 12 months for Aberfield, we’ve been shortlisted for Best Small PR Agency in the CIPR E...


Posted on Fri 13th Apr, 2018 in: Influence, Public Relations by Admin

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