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The latest travel PR 'buzzwords' - and those to avoid in 2017

Marketing teams, PR agencies and tourist boards have been busy inventing a range of weird and wonderful portmanteaus – often suffixed with ‘-cation’ (imaginative) - to capture and, more often than not, create the hottest travel ‘trends’ i

It all started with 'styacation', which entered the dictionary in 2009. Working in the travel and tourism industry, we appreciate the odd buzzword does sometimes have a place when capturing a genuine trend. We love a good ‘glamp’, and the odd ‘spacation’ for that matter. Bu...


Posted on Wed 7th Dec, 2016 in: Advice, Travel by Rebecca Quayle

Why Airbnb isn't bad news for hoteliers

[caption id="attachment_2944" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Hotels shouldn't feel threatened by the rise of Airbnb - visitors want a range of accommodation options, says Aberfield's Louise O'Donoghue[/caption] The majority of recent industry discussions about Airbnb talk about how hotels can co...


Posted on Mon 6th Jun, 2016 in: Advice, Culture, Industry Comment, Marketing, Travel by Louise ODonoghue

The virtual world is here, but where are all the travel companies?

Virtual reality (VR) covers a whole range of content. In its simplest form it is 360 degree video content and at its more technical VR can be a fully immersive experience, creating an out-of-this-world world. Up until now VR has seemed out of reach from everyday consumer use. However, as various ...


Posted on Fri 15th Apr, 2016 in: Advice, Industry Comment, Influence, Marketing, Public Relations, Travel by Rebecca Armstrong

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