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Crisis football: the winners and losers in the battle to save clubs

Football, like politics, divides opinion. From the tactics employed by your manager's favourite team, to weekly office banter about fantasy football performance, there’s always talking points about what is still regarded as ‘the beautiful game'.

However, for many that tag is beginning to feel extremely disingenuous. The Premier League currently seems a universe away from the lower reaches of the pyramid. And, the gap between the rich and the rest seems vaster than ever. This state of affairs has been dramatically brought to life over recen...


Posted on Mon 16th Sep, 2019 in: Advice, Blogs, Crisis Communications, Insight, Media, Newspapers, Public Relations by Ian Briggs

#buyapaper: the campaign that reveals the positive influence of local newspapers

Ian Briggs examines why printed news is still relevant in a growing digital world

Journalists, including those from The Yorkshire Post and Yorkshire Evening Post, have been making a lot of noise on Twitter recently. And, refreshingly, it’s not all been about bashing Brexit. Posts have been raising awareness of #buyapaper, a campaign supporting the local newspaper industry ...


Posted on Mon 4th Feb, 2019 in: Blogs, Industry Comment, Media, Newspapers by Ian Briggs

Do you use Snapchat for news?

What do you think of when someone says Snapchat? Filters with pointed ears, high pitched voices and dancing hot dogs? Us too. But what about Snapchat for news?

What do you think of when someone says Snapchat? Filters with pointed ears, high pitched voices and dancing hot dogs? Us too. Firstly, Snapchat is a photo and video messaging app with more than 20,000 photos being shared every hour, but since its launch in 2011 the organisation has been trying to e...


Posted on Mon 18th Sep, 2017 in: Blogs, Culture, Donald Trump, Influence, Newspapers, Social Media by Chloe Matthbury

Tim Downs: My take on The Sun vs Gary Lineker

In October this year The Sun trained its sights on Gary Lineker, following a series of tweets where he questioned some people's reactions to the first children entering the UK from the Calais refugee camp.

In his tweets, Lineker branded some of the reaction as “racist and utterly heartless”, which The Sun used as reason to roll out its medieval techniques for manufacturing a scandal. It launched a personal attack on Lineker’s appearance, grabbed a couple of offensive tweets and quote...


Posted on Tue 29th Nov, 2016 in: Issues Management, Newspapers by Admin

Why online-only is a positive move for the Indy

When I heard the news of The Independent going online-only, I - like many others - was saddened, as for 30 years the newspaper has told the news from a different perspective of the world. Following the news there was a flurry of reactions from journalists and media commentators. The Spectator'...


Posted on Tue 23rd Feb, 2016 in: Newspapers, Public Relations by Emma Lister

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