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#buyapaper: the campaign that reveals the positive influence of local newspapers

Ian Briggs examines why printed news is still relevant in a growing digital world

Journalists, including those from The Yorkshire Post and Yorkshire Evening Post, have been making a lot of noise on Twitter recently. And, refreshingly, it’s not all been about bashing Brexit. Posts have been raising awareness of #buyapaper, a campaign supporting the local newspaper industry ...


Posted on Mon 4th Feb, 2019 in: Blogs, Industry Comment, Media, Newspapers by Ian Briggs

My time with Dr Harold Shipman

Tim Downs reflects on Dr Harold Shipman and the power the media has when it does its job well

A new documentary marking 20 years since the arrest of prolific serial killer Dr Harold Shipman is being aired on ITV this week. It’s also 20 years since I started my career in journalism, and my first big job happened to be the Shipman case. Back in 1998, I entered the working world as a cu...


Posted on Wed 25th Apr, 2018 in: Media by Admin

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