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Aberfield wins LivingCare

Aberfield has been appointed by NHS and private healthcare provider LivingCare

We’re celebrating after NHS and private healthcare provider, LivingCare Imaging, appointed us to launch its new state-of-the-art 3T MRI, ultrasound and digital x-ray imaging service at Thorpe Park in Leeds. Our high-impact, geo-targeted campaign will include public relations, advertising, dir...


Posted on Thu 11th May, 2017 in: Healthcare, Influence, Marketing, Social Media by Emma Lister

Useful PR planning tools to make campaigns run effectively

The ability to plan and deliver creative multi-stream PR campaigns means the role of project planning has also become more important.

Those of you that follow our blog may have seen our post about the importance of campaign planning and why it’s a vital skill for PR account handlers. Increasingly, the nature of PR campaigns now means there is a blurring of lines between the different streams of communication. A shifting foc...


Posted on Thu 13th Apr, 2017 in: Advice, Marketing, Planning, Public Relations by Jenny Wilkinson

"Alexa - what's the opportunity for brands?"

Like many others, I've enjoyed experiencing the new Amazon Echo - the voice-controlled assistant for the home.

The name of the assistant is Alexa and she can do everything from tell you the temperature outside, to play your favourite music and even order a takeaway (sadly something I haven’t tried yet) - all by simply asking her a question. She works alongside a lot of Amazon’s own devices, such...


Posted on Fri 3rd Mar, 2017 in: Marketing by Emma Lister

Brand crowdsourcing - a rewarding but risky business

After issuing the first set of 25,000 cards out to its customers, start-up bank Mondo recently came up against a legal trademark dispute, forcing it to change its brand name. Naturally Mondo turned to its crowd - a loyal following of tech-savvy devotees - and invited customers to come up with new...


Posted on Fri 2nd Sep, 2016 in: Culture, Influence, Marketing, Public Relations, Reputation Management by Rebecca Armstrong

Can the sliced bread market find a new champion?

[caption id="attachment_3037" align="aligncenter" width="762"] The Great British sandwich. A culinary classic, so long as it's made with quality bread.[/caption] The British consumer's love affair with the sliced loaf has been waning for a few years now. Earlier this year, data from market ana...


Posted on Fri 19th Aug, 2016 in: Industry Comment, Marketing, Public Relations, Retail by Jenny Wilkinson

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