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What employees want: Part 1 - Humanisation

We've taken our audience-first approach to find out if the big internal comms trends are actually playing out in reality. We talked to people across the UK - from large corporates to SMEs - asking a series of questions about how employers are communicating internally, and what employees really wa...


Posted on Thu 4th Feb, 2016 in: Advice, Internal Communications by Rebecca Armstrong

Emojis: A new language for internal communications?

This week The Oxford Dictionary announced its Word of the Year is, wait for it, not actually a word. This year's Word of the Year has, in fact, been selected as the "tears of joy"? emoji. My reaction was mixed. On the one hand, I feel a little fooled that The Oxford Dictionary, of all organi...


Posted on Fri 20th Nov, 2015 in: Culture, Internal Communications by Rebecca Armstrong

Volkswagen : The internal crisis

Like most consumers, I've always held the Volkswagen brand in high regard; a badge of trust and quality. How quickly things change. Since VW was ousted for cheating emissions tests in the US with its 'defeat device' - with half a million vehicles recalled in America and countries such as the UK, ...


Posted on Wed 14th Oct, 2015 in: Crisis Communications, Influence, Internal Communications, Issues Management by Rebecca Armstrong

Going public with internal communications

Whilst many organisations haven't yet moved away from traditional broadcasting channels entirely, over the past few years we've seen more and more big brands adopting the likes of Yammer and catching onto the idea that nurturing conversations, developed by employees themselves, is the way forward. ...


Posted on Thu 6th Aug, 2015 in: Culture, Influence, Internal Communications, Issues Management, Social Media by Rebecca Armstrong

Aberfield's newcomer says hello!

As Aberfield continues to grow, it was time for a PR graduate to join the team, which turned out to be good news for me. My name's Louise O'Donoghue and I've joined the team at Aberfield as a consultant. I studied PR and Digital Comms at Manchester Metropolitan University, but my degree covered a...


Posted on Thu 9th Jul, 2015 in: Culture, Influence, Internal Communications, Jobs, Public Relations, Social Media by Aberfield

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