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Mental Health Awareness Week 2020: Why a one size fits all approach to mental health in the workplace will no longer do

How top down mental health policies fail to support the most vulnerable employees

18th May announced the start of National Mental Health Week in the UK, bringing with it an array of articles and opinions about mental health in business. As someone who has a keen interest in mental health issues, I enjoy reading about the many innovative ways in which companies are trying safeguar...


Posted on Fri 22nd May, 2020 in: Advice, Blogs, Internal Communications by Lucy Bristow

How to implement an internal comms strategy that’ll keep Gen Z engaged

It’s no secret that everyone is trying to get under the skin of Gen Z: the generation that’s set to start dominating the workplace

Like any audience we’re looking to influence, we want to know where they are, what they do / don’t like, what makes them tick and how they want to be communicated with. And the same approach should be taken when it comes to internal comms. In one of our recent blogs we reviewed how bran...


Posted on Fri 21st Sep, 2018 in: Generation Z, Internal Communications by Laura Cavanagh

Emergency! Communicating in a crisis.

For the first time this year as part of Leeds Business Week, we became a partner and ran one of over 100 events that attracted thousands of attendees from across the city's business community and the wider city region.

With our belief in being a 'Positive Influence', we wanted to make sure that whatever we did would give attendees real hands-on experience and knowledge that they could take away with them. So we designed a live, real-time, crisis communications exercise to test how prepared our brave guests were in...


Posted on Wed 2nd Nov, 2016 in: Crisis Communications, Crisis Management, Internal Communications, Issues Management, Public Relations by Tim Downs

What employees want: Part 2 - Email, social media and inside out comms

Yesterday we posted Part 1 of our research findings into how employers are communicating internally, and what employees really want from their company's internal communications this year. The first part was all about humanisation and the need for face-to-face comms in 2016. Here's Part 2 with som...


Posted on Fri 5th Feb, 2016 in: Advice, Internal Communications by Rebecca Armstrong

What employees want: Part 3 - Video, collaboration and understanding

This week we've been sharing the findings from our latest research into what employees want from internal comms. So far, we've explored humanisation, social media and inside out comms and what these mean for IC teams this year. In this third and final post, we're discussing video content, coll...


Posted on Fri 5th Feb, 2016 in: Advice, Internal Communications by Rebecca Armstrong

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