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Why networking is a powerful communications tool and how to do it effectively

Ian Briggs gives his top tips on how to overcome your fears, build your contacts and boost your business

Many people hate networking. We’ve likely all experienced those times where we’ve attended (or been forced to attend) an event on our own, didn’t know anyone else in the room and stood there feeling pretty alone, awkward and anxious. The truth is that in these situations almost ev...


Posted on Tue 25th Feb, 2020 in: Advice, Culture, Events, Influence, Networking, Public Relations by Ian Briggs

Mindful Employer conference

One of the services we provide at Aberfield is full events support. Here's a look at our recent events work for Leeds-based mental health charity Leeds Mind, attended by 150 HR managers, business owners and line managers in the city.

We recently worked with Leeds Mind to organise a conference for its Mindful Employer initiative aimed at employers across Leeds, helping them to support their employees and achieve sustainable mental health and wellbeing at work practices. The bi-annual event was held at Cloth Hall Court, a dedicat...


Posted on Mon 9th Jul, 2018 in: Events, Influence, Planning by Chloe Matthbury

First impressions will make or break your event

You know what really gets my back up when I attend an event? Surly, unhelpful and under-briefed staff on the front desk. Why? Because it sets the tone for the day.

First impressions count for a lot and welcome staff have a really important role to play in the event’s success. They are in charge of the attendees’ first experience of the event, they represent the day and ultimately they represent the end client. As an attendee I expect those greetin...


Posted on Fri 22nd Jun, 2018 in: Events, Hospitality, Industry Comment by Chloe Matthbury

Conference and Hospitality Show 2018

Following the launch of our events division, I spent the afternoon at CHS. Here's what I found.

As we’ve just launched an events division here at Aberfield I was really looking forward to the return of the Conference and Hospitality Show (CHS) at the first direct arena. Trade shows are so often held in London, which unfortunately means taking a full day out of the office when you’r...


Posted on Mon 30th Apr, 2018 in: Blogs, Events, Hospitality, Industry Comment by Chloe Matthbury

Events: Engaging your audience

At Aberfield, everything we do is focused on the audience – and this doesn’t just apply to PR campaigns, it’s for events too.

Once you are clear about who exactly your target audience is, it’s time to apply that insight and create an engaging event. We’ve pulled together our top tips to help you put your audience first. Choose your speakers carefully We’re constantly connected to our phones and devices,...


Posted on Tue 16th Jan, 2018 in: Advice, Events, Planning by Chloe Matthbury

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