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In defence of ‘No comment’

It’s pretty common these days in communications webinars and virtual workshops to hear “under no circumstances should you ever respond with no comment”.

In interview scenarios this is absolutely true. However, in a small but often very critical number of situations, specifically when responding to media enquiries, it can still be a useful device in the PR toolkit. What we’re specifically talking about here is crisis communications and issues ...


Posted on Mon 19th Oct, 2020 in: Advice, Crisis Communications, Crisis Management, Public Relations, Reputation Management by Tim Downs

Crisis football: the winners and losers in the battle to save clubs

Football, like politics, divides opinion. From the tactics employed by your manager's favourite team, to weekly office banter about fantasy football performance, there’s always talking points about what is still regarded as ‘the beautiful game'.

However, for many that tag is beginning to feel extremely disingenuous. The Premier League currently seems a universe away from the lower reaches of the pyramid. And, the gap between the rich and the rest seems vaster than ever. This state of affairs has been dramatically brought to life over recen...


Posted on Mon 16th Sep, 2019 in: Advice, Blogs, Crisis Communications, Insight, Media, Newspapers, Public Relations by Ian Briggs

Five steps for managing a crisis

How to spot an issue before it becomes a crisis

The internet has made information much more transparent than it once was, making a communications crisis much more likely to occur. Organisations are responding to this by becoming more and more switched on when it comes to crisis management. However, an area which perhaps is less explored is issues...


Posted on Mon 30th Oct, 2017 in: Advice, Crisis Communications, Issues Management by Katie Wadsworth

Crisis Comms - The good, the bad and the ugly!

We take a look at crisis comms and how to handle it.

Crisis Comms…your business isn’t having a crisis, so you don’t need to know about crisis comms, right? Wrong. Oxford Metrica has calculated that executives have an 82% likelihood of facing a corporate crisis in any five year period. Despite what you might think, a crisis isn&rsqu...


Posted on Fri 11th Aug, 2017 in: Advice, Crisis Communications, Issues Management by Chloe Matthbury

Should brands talk politics?

In a time when opinion has never been more divided, more and more brands are weighing in with political opinion. But should brands be engaging in politically-driven PR campaigns?

As political parties start to battle out the big issues, such as Brexit and the all-important May/ Corbyn standoff over live TV debates, it’s safe to say that the unexpected General Election on 8 June will further divide opinion across the nation.   Over the next two months con...


Posted on Tue 2nd May, 2017 in: Advice, Crisis Communications, Culture, Donald Trump, Issues Management, Politics by Rebecca Quayle

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