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Three tips for creating effective content

How to ensure your copy is communicating effectively with your audiences

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to communications. Whether you’re looking at PR, marketing, advertising or copywriting, what one company needs will always be different to another, even if they’re in the same sector. That’s because we all have different motivati...


Posted on Tue 22nd Sep, 2020 in: Copywriting by Katie Wadsworth

Copywriting is a collaborative process, so choose your partner wisely!

One of the services we offer at Aberfield is copywriting. It’s a broad term that covers creating content for a wide range of marketing platforms and channels, and for a number of different purposes.

It’s also a service that every creative agency worth its salt offers. So what does good copywriting look like and what should you be asking an agency that you might be contemplating using?   Understand your audience The first point to consider, before you even think about what copywri...


Posted on Fri 26th Jan, 2018 in: Advice, Blogs, Copywriting, Industry Comment, Influence, Public Relations by Tim Downs

Getting to grips with content planning

Our intern, Roslyn Fordyce, explores content planning for social media, covering everything from planning, development and management.

What is content planning? As it says on the tin, content planning is the planning, development and management of content. This content could be in many different mediums, from video content to written content. But let’s talk about social media content. Social media content planning takes int...


Posted on Thu 27th Jul, 2017 in: Advice, Copywriting, Influence, Social Media by Chloe Matthbury

Good grammar doth not a copywriter make

The English language is amazing and astonishingly complicated when it comes to rules around structure. Every day we use it to communicate and, if we didn't obey the rules, consciously or not, it would be pretty hard to make sense of what someone was trying to say. So if everyone kind of know...


Posted on Fri 1st Apr, 2016 in: Advice, Copywriting, Marketing by Jenny Wilkinson

Rules are meant to be broken - but not when it comes to copywriting

There's one in every office - someone who remembers back to English lesson 101 on punctuation, grammar, split-nouns and homonyms and is quick to point out the mistakes that, as educated adults, we all know but often forget. But does the odd spelling mistake and misplaced comma really matter? T...


Posted on Tue 10th Nov, 2015 in: Advice, Copywriting, Public Relations by Jenny Wilkinson

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