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Zero to Hero: tackling Facebook’s algorithm

Creating content to beat Facebook's algorithm and cut through the noise

Brands are finding it a lot harder to talk to audiences through their Facebook pages as organic reach, seeing a post through an unpaid method, is at an all-time low. In short, audiences are less and less likely to see content posted from a Facebook business page.  Organic reach for business pa...


Posted on Fri 2nd Nov, 2018 in: Advice, Blogs, Social Media by Rebecca Farnsworth

Why a healthy office culture is good for clients too

We all appreciate that a good office culture is the key to work life balance, but it's also the key to delivering outstanding results for clients.

The foundation of success in any business lies with those that work in it – a business is only as good as its people. In fact, companies with a high level of engagement and noted as good places to work consistently outperform the FTSE100, showing a clear link between business growth and an en...


Posted on Wed 10th Oct, 2018 in: Blogs, Culture, Office Life, Public Relations by Jenny Wilkinson

Conference and Hospitality Show 2018

Following the launch of our events division, I spent the afternoon at CHS. Here's what I found.

As we’ve just launched an events division here at Aberfield I was really looking forward to the return of the Conference and Hospitality Show (CHS) at the first direct arena. Trade shows are so often held in London, which unfortunately means taking a full day out of the office when you’r...


Posted on Mon 30th Apr, 2018 in: Blogs, Events, Hospitality, Industry Comment by Chloe Matthbury

What we can learn from #BloggerGate

The lessons that we’re continuing to learn from any influencer activity

There are plenty of bloggers out there nailing the work they do. That’s why so many brands are keen to be associated with them and why PRs see the value in working with them. We are always reminded, though, of the lessons that we’re continuing to learn from any influencer activity. The...


Posted on Mon 12th Feb, 2018 in: Advice, Blogs, Influence by Laura Cavanagh

Copywriting is a collaborative process, so choose your partner wisely!

One of the services we offer at Aberfield is copywriting. It’s a broad term that covers creating content for a wide range of marketing platforms and channels, and for a number of different purposes.

It’s also a service that every creative agency worth its salt offers. So what does good copywriting look like and what should you be asking an agency that you might be contemplating using?   Understand your audience The first point to consider, before you even think about what copywri...


Posted on Fri 26th Jan, 2018 in: Advice, Blogs, Copywriting, Industry Comment, Influence, Public Relations by Tim Downs

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