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Useful PR planning tools to make campaigns run effectively

The ability to plan and deliver creative multi-stream PR campaigns means the role of project planning has also become more important.

Those of you that follow our blog may have seen our post about the importance of campaign planning and why it’s a vital skill for PR account handlers. Increasingly, the nature of PR campaigns now means there is a blurring of lines between the different streams of communication. A shifting foc...


Posted on Thu 13th Apr, 2017 in: Advice, Marketing, Planning, Public Relations by Jenny Wilkinson

It’s time to make insight and planning key skills for every PR professional

Back in May 2012, when Aberfield first opened its doors, one or two eyebrows were raised in the PR world when we described our approach as being based on audience insight, and our measurement on the degree to which we had influenced those audiences.

That wasn’t typical language from a PR agency. Five years ago, it was all about coverage volumes, growing Twitter followers, YouTube views and Facebook ‘likes’. Oh, and AVEs of course. Insight and influence were words you associated with research and ad agencies, not PR outfits. ...


Posted on Tue 11th Apr, 2017 in: Influence, Public Relations by Phil Reed

KFC's 'Clean Eating Burger' - did you believe it?

KFC recently launched a ‘Clean Eating Burger’ in collaboration with Figgy Poppleton-Rice. Or did they?

The video cover image, a close up of the product with a list of the ingredients, was all the information I thought I needed; the “ice cube relish” gave it away for me, but many believed the burger would be featuring on menus soon. It was, however, a ploy to get your attention. The real ...


Posted on Wed 15th Mar, 2017 in: Influence, Social Media by Chloe Matthbury

Making the press officer the story is simply a weapon of mass distraction

I don’t know about you but I couldn’t name a single one of Barack Obama’s or even Theresa May’s press secretaries or spokespeople. Yet the names of Sean Spicer, Kellyanne Conway and Stephen Bannon are already household names, only a short tim

In the UK we’ve become used to political spin doctors finding themselves in the media spotlight. Alastair Campbell is probably the most famous over here, followed by Andy Coulson and perhaps the original press handler who blurred their role with becoming a media personality in their own right,...


Posted on Fri 10th Mar, 2017 in: Advice, Crisis Management, Culture, Donald Trump, Politics, POTUS, Public Relations by Tim Downs

Hello from Aberfield's newest addition!

Hello! I’m Chloë, Aberfield's newest consultant. An events management graduate, I’ve worked on events and PR activities for brands including NHS, Maserati, V Festival and Bupa.

I always enjoyed the PR side of events so decided to make the move into PR full time and so far, so good! The team at Aberfield have welcomed me with open arms, champagne, team lunches and fun work too – I’d give my first week a 10/10. Things you should know about me: I’m Corni...


Posted on Wed 8th Mar, 2017 in: Public Relations by Chloe Matthbury

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