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From investors and shareholders, to politicians and local communities, we know how to reach and influence the opinions and behaviours of any stakeholder audience.

The Aberfield team has wide-ranging experience of helping businesses and organisations reach, engage with and positively influence their external stakeholders.

Our PR, corporate communications and community engagement expertise helps you create and maintain positive relationships with the individuals and organisations who have a vested interest in your activities and your success.

Whether those stakeholders are investors, sponsors, business partners, government ministers and officials, suppliers or local communities, we develop the strategies and deliver the communications that will ensure those stakeholders have a better understanding of your business, your short-term objectives and your long-term vision.

For companies we can:

For charities we can:

And for public sector organisations we can:

Our most recent experience includes working with York Central Partnership on a wide-ranging stakeholder communications and community engagement campaign for one of the North's largest brownfield developments.

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