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The Audience

Aberfield was appointed to work with Calderdale College to promote its Skills Support for the Workforce programme. The programme works in conjunction with Local Enterprise Partnerships, stakeholders and local training providers across the UK to support the upskilling of low-skilled, low-wage employees.

The campaign specifically targeted those working in growth or priority sectors, which varied by region, as well as those in sectors with significant skills gaps.

The Campaign

Our brief was to reach and engage low-skilled employees, according to the region’s target sectors, skills gaps and key industries. The campaign covered five regions across the UK, including North Yorkshire and East Riding, Greater Lincolnshire and Black Country. We were required to raise awareness of the programme and motivate and influence employees to access the training programme. The success of the campaign was to be evaluated using website visits and learner numbers.

The campaign was designed to get as many learners signed up as possible, so in-depth audience research was conducted to identify the channels that the identified audience most commonly used. Our reserach informed the tactics we used, which included a mix of online and offlineadvertorial content, case studies and social content, as well as more traditional PR.

Sector and industry-specific content was produced for each area and focused on local growth clusters identified by Local Enterprise Partnerships. The content directly addressed the challenges and barriers to employee development as well as business growth and productivity. Each piece of content included a clear call to action for the audience to access the programme and enrol in skills courses.

The Influence

Over a 12-month period, more than 2million people were reached, resulting in 9,000 web visits and 7,855 enrolled learners across 2,178 businesses, delivering activity worth £7.5m.  Learners spanned a range of sectors and industries and those that engaged with the programme ranged from one-person self-employed micro-businesses through to employees at SMEs such as Victoria Plum.

Following the success of our campaign, Aberfield has been appointed for the extension of the skills programme, running until March 2019.  

Other Case Studies
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