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Marketing teams, PR agencies and tourist boards have been busy inventing a range of weird and wonderful portmanteaus – often suffixed with ‘-cation’ (imaginative) - to capture and, more often than not, create the hottest travel ‘trends’ i

Posted on Wed 7th Dec, 2016 in: Advice, Travel by Rebecca Quayle

It all started with 'styacation', which entered the dictionary in 2009.

Working in the travel and tourism industry, we appreciate the odd buzzword does sometimes have a place when capturing a genuine trend. We love a good ‘glamp’, and the odd ‘spacation’ for that matter.

But any decent PR team must also understand the media and that means understanding that travel companies ‘launching’ a new buzzword to make their offering relevant in some way, is just plain annoying.

Over the past few years we’ve been sold the weighcation (dieting holiday), babymoon (post-baby break), voluntourism (travelling to volunteer), flashpacking (backpacking on a big budget) and even the flocation (a staycation on water).

So as 2017 approaches and we follow with apprehension the tweets of Nigel Thompson and Lisa Minot, it’s no surprise that the next set of buzzwords is starting to emerge.

Here are some of our (least) favourites so far, and a few we’ve made up ourselves especially for 2017:

Bleisure* – Combining business travel with an element of leisure, inviting your family along and booking in personal experiences to maximise corporate paid travel.

Fearcation* – Holidaying at home (staycationing) rather than travelling abroad because of security fears.

Dark Tourism* - Travelling to visit war zones and disaster areas.

Jomojetting* – Jetting off to somewhere remote to embrace the ‘joy in missing out’, often without technology. Also described as digital detoxing or an off-the-grid trip.

Whimsication* – Arriving at a destination with no plans beyond a first or last hotel. Also known as Whimsical Wandering.

*Please use responsibly (not at all)

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