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As Aberfield Communications celebrates its sixth birthday, Phil Reed finds that the power of PR can be evidenced in many ways

Posted on Tue 22nd May, 2018 in: Influence, Public Relations by Phil Reed

It’s now six years since Aberfield made its entrance onto the North’s public relations scene.

I’d planned to mark our birthday by highlighting some of our PR campaign achievements over those six years. One for each year seemed appropriate, with each demonstrating Positive Influence. It had an obvious title – ‘Six of the best’.

Then two of my colleagues received a message that demonstrated the value of Positive Influence with greater impact than anything I could have chosen.

We’ve been working with the NHS on a campaign for MindMate, a website that offers advice and support for young people, and their families, on mental health and wellbeing.

It’s a multi-faceted campaign that has involved everything from brand partnerships to experiential events, as well as media relations.

Through case studies, features and media interviews, we have demonstrated how young adults with mental health issues have benefited from MindMate’s support.

Talking to the media about his experiences prompted one young man to write to us and express his thanks.

He said how much the opportunity to speak openly about his mental health journey had meant to him, and that his grandparents had called to say how proud they were of his bravery in speaking out to help others.

Very often, the work we do involves positively influencing as many people as possible.

Just occasionally, however, the power of PR can be demonstrated through its ability to influence only a handful of people. Or even just one.

This was one of those occasions.

Given how much great work we’ve done in the relatively short PR life of Aberfield, it would have been a real struggle for me to choose just six campaigns.

But picking one example of why we do what we do turned out to be a doddle.

Here’s to the next six years!

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