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Our first instalment to our new event blog series starts with a look at some of the events that our team members have worked on so far.

Posted on Wed 22nd Nov, 2017 in: Events by Chloe Matthbury

You might have recently seen the launch of our events management division on leading events publication, C&IT, or perhaps on Prolific North. Our new service offers end-to-end events support across a range of sectors.

The launch of the new service follows the appointment of events specialist Chloë Matthbury, combined with the events experience of our wider team.

Here’s our first instalment to our new event blog series which takes a look at some of the events that our team members have worked on so far:


Roadshows work extremely well for big clients looking to reach a big audience. Whether it’s an internal or external audience, the objective is typically the same: to connect with stakeholders and convey a message in a number of locations - and in a relatively short space of time.

Example: Team member Chloe has worked on a number of roadshows for Fiat. Her favourite one? The launch of the Fiat500 spring collection to registered Fiat dealers. The roadshow included six UK locations, inflatable domes instead of conference rooms and a giant catwalk for the vehicles.

Top tip: Plan your locations and set carefully. Choose your venues and locations based on the focus of your message and the audience you are trying to reach and, simple as it is – go from one end of the country to the other! Also, bear in mind your set up process; it’ll need to be easy enough to put up and take down, impressive enough to make an impact and sturdy enough, so that it looks brand new each time.

Award dinners

Award dinners are a fantastic way to bring your audience together for an evening (or day) of celebration. These events often include the coordination of hundreds of people, entertainment, speeches, a judging panel and an elaborate dinner.

Example: The Yorkshire Asian Business Association holds an annual awards dinner, celebrating the best of Asian businesses in the region. The event in 2016 included a three-course South Indian meal, The Band of the Royal Armoured Corps performing Bhangra hits, a charity partnership with Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice and an after-party.

Top tip: Split up the presentation of awards between courses and make sure that you add some entertainment into the evening – singing waiters, a VIP presenter or a unique band will add a unique twist.

Incentive trips

An incentive trip is designed to reward employees for achieving a business goal. It’s important to consider who is attending and what they will perceive as an incentive. It’s also important to include some ice-breaker activities if the delegates don’t know each other. Don’t forget to assign some free-time for everyone to explore on their own, too.

Example: Twice a year, a group of individuals from various aftersales teams across the Fiat Group would be rewarded with a trip to Fiat’s home city, Turin. The trip would be centred around cultural activities such as a actor-led walking tours, gourmet Italian meals and a visit to the Juventus Stadium. An industry element was always added too, relating to the audience’s interests. For example, the group would be taken on a behind-the-scenes tour of the testing plant for Maserati and Fiat and visit the famous Lingotto rooftop test track that featured in The Italian Job.

Top Tip: It’s an incentive trip but, it’s still an event so it needs aims and objectives. These might be monitoring ongoing motivation and targets, or improving staff retention for example. Remember to monitor these on an ongoing basis to get the most out of the incentive programme.

Keep an eye out for our next event blog instalment which will focus on our experience of organising public consultation events for clients such as York Central.

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