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Aberfield talks All In. Leeds. A collaboration of agencies, sparked by the Leeds' bid to become the new home of Channel 4 outside London.

Posted on Fri 14th Sep, 2018 in: Industry Comment, Influence by Chloe Matthbury

The pitch process for Channel 4’s new home has been whittled down to the final three cities; Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds.

Manchester has BBC. It also has ITV.

Leeds wants Channel 4.

To make this happen, we’ve joined up with All In. Leeds, a collaboration of over 50 Leeds-based agencies, to champion our city and the impressive creative sector its home to. The aim is simple: to showcase the city’s capabilities to Channel 4 and its decision-makers. To show them the opportunities available if it were to choose Leeds as its new home.

The campaign not only shows what Leeds has to offer, but it has gone further than that and united our creative community. This has resulted in the creation of a manifesto, designed to help shape the sector through education, community, talent and diversity and business.  Yes, we want to win but the positive effect has already started.

If we won, it would provide benefits to both the channel and our city. The channel would benefit from our talent pool, our pioneering spirit and our diverse communities. We would benefit from further inward investment from national and global brands, and even more talent.

As a thank you to Channel 4 for sparking this wonderful collaboration, All In. Leeds has written a ‘love letter’ to the decision-makers, thanking them for igniting this partnership which we’re confident will continue, whatever the outcome.

Don’t break our hearts in October, Channel 4, choose Leeds.

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