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It's the week before Christmas, what's left to do? Let's take a look at 2017 in review.

Posted on Mon 18th Dec, 2017 in: Blogs, Christmas , Influence, Office Life, Public Relations by Jenny Wilkinson

‘Twas the week before Christmas, and across every table

Not a sound to be heard apart from the able

Tapping and typing of keyboards, and voices

Of Aberfield peeps working hard, with rejoices

At the campaign plans ready for the start of the year

And the budgets signed off with remarkable cheer.


The office party had happened and pacts had been made

Not to show any pictures of the mess that was made,

Snapchats were flying with speed and delight,

As each Aberfielder made plans for Christmas night.

Content was complete and evaluation done,

Which gives us some time to reflect on the fun

And achievements we’ve had over the last year,

Before we head off for just one last beer.


We’ve done a great job, and as you can see

The team’s hard work is paying off beautifully.

We’ve some really great clients, and challenges to come

Ensuring our positive influence is second to none.


So here it is, just for you; our 12 days of Christmas - an Aberfield review:

12 cups of tea made by Jenny (a personal achievement!)

11 Aberfield Academies held for our team

10 new clients won

9 team nights out

8 awards written and won for clients

7 training courses taken by the team

6 training courses delivered for clients

5 client events organised and run

4 new team members

3 issues of our newletter (The Influencer) published 

2 Brownlee brothers worked with

1 Aberfield baby


It’s been a great year and we’re looking forward to more,

But it couldn’t happen without the clients and suppliers we adore.

So thank you to everyone who has worked with us this year,

We wish you a peaceful break full of yuletide cheer. 


Have a great Christmas and New Year. 

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