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Leeds A-level student Holly Kersley reflects on her week's work placement here at Aberfield.

Posted on Fri 7th Jul, 2017 in: Uncategorized by Admin

Hi. I’m Holly. I attend Sherburn High School sixth form and am currently studying media studies, ICT, sport studies and biology at A-level. My main interests at the moment in school are media and sport.

During my media course this past year we’ve focused on the creative side of the subject, such as producing and editing music videos and advertising, but I’ve also been curious to know what else is involved in careers in this industry. So when sixth form told me we had to take part in a week of work experience, I knew I wanted to go somewhere which would give me further insight into the industry, and this week at Aberfield has done just that.

When I first arrived at Aberfield, I was unaware of what my week would entail. However, I found myself pleasantly surprised to find out I’d be completing individual tasks for multiple clients.

My first task was to use a database, Vuelio, to create a media list of national travel journalists for a tourism client. I soon learnt how to use it and later had to use this again when researching sport journalists for another client.

A large part of my week was based around the work Aberfield does with QHotels. They had just launched the Wedding Photo Awards competition, and I had the opportunity to contribute to the voting stage. I got to look at the shortlisted photos and create a collage, which will be posted on a range of social media channels.

I also was able to contribute to social media posts that will be used to try persuade voters to look at the competition. This would be one of my favourite tasks of the week, as it allowed me to be more creative and use my previous knowledge that I had learnt in my A-level classes.

Overall, my week at Aberfield has helped me see the different types of research and planning that takes place behind the scenes. But it also opened my eyes to see how relevant my studies in A-levels are in the working world.

I found that research I have done at school, such as social media advertising, allowed me to make more meaningful contributions to the social content I helped with. As this is a topic that I’ve come across at school, it has been very beneficial for me to see where my knowledge and skill could be used in the future.

All I can say is, thank you to Aberfield for giving me this opportunity. I am very grateful.

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