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About Us

Aberfield is a PR, social media and brand communications agency with an outstanding track record of generating results that make significant differences to businesses and brands. But what sets us apart is our approach.


How many PR agencies have you met that say they do things differently, but in reality what you get is always the same? That’s because too many PR agencies focus on the message. At Aberfield, we think communication should always be about the audience. It’s that fundamental difference in approach which sets our PR and brand communications apart.

We believe too much PR is focused on “awareness”, but what’s the point of awareness if it doesn’t have an end goal? And if your only measurement of ROI is media value, you’ve wasted your budget.

PR and brand communications should achieve much more. That’s why our focus is on the audience, using our skills to influence how the audience thinks or acts positively towards an organisation or brand.

We call that Positive Influence.

It’s why we ensure that everything we do in PR and social media is measurable, so we can show how we’ve made a tangible difference to your business. It’s what gets us up in the morning, and it’s what we hope will influence you to work with us again!

Our Positive Influence approach is why we only employ the very best PR, social media and brand communications professionals around. People not only with the right skillsets, but with the passion to make a genuine difference to each and every client. People who can think way beyond a press release, and who focus on outcomes, not outputs.

It means our clients benefit from some of the best and most creative minds in the business. Our experience encompasses some of the world’s biggest brands and global powerhouses, but we’re equally as proud of our PR work for small charities, SMEs and start-ups.

And we also know how to influence public sector stakeholders, having run a wide range of public sector PR and communications campaigns for national government departments, local authorities, regeneration companies, transport bodies and the like.

But big names and big budgets are not what excite us. We get a much bigger buzz from the challenge, by having the opportunity to make a genuine, measurable difference.

We’ve utilised our offline and online PR skills on everything from billion-pound commercial acquisitions to start-up launches, and from major brand development campaigns to culture change programmes.

From our base in Leeds, we work with clients throughout the UK, so if you’re tired of the ‘same old, same old’ approach to PR, please get in touch. We’re confident you’ll love what you hear.

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Latest News

Can Virgin’s East Coast comms strategy continue to build momentum or will it hit the buffers?

“We will try to make it sing.” That was Richard Branson’s promise when Virgin Trains East Coast (VTEC) took over Britain’s flagship network in March. The tycoon promised to revolutionise the East Coast mainline after a five-year spell under public ownership, delivering new jobs and better services. Using Virgin and Stagecoach’s experience of operating the +

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Bad service. Admit it, it’s something we all hate. Whether it’s waiting forever for a meal to arrive, receiving a completely different item to the one you ordered online, or just not being treated like a superstar by a business’s employees. Sometimes brands let their customers down. It happens from time to time, some of +

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Independent venues, please inspire us!

I’ve worked in the travel and leisure industry for the past five years with some of the UK’s largest travel and tourism organisations – from leisure operators to visitor attractions and tourism agencies – and, surrounded by beautiful settings, content has never been difficult to find or create. So you can imagine my excitement when +

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Calling all 25, 30 and 35-year-olds!

Were you born in 1980, 1985 or 1990? If so, you could be the perfect candidate to take part in our client’s new social media campaign, and earn yourself £150. We’re looking for a selection of 25, 30 and 35 year-olds (individuals and groups) to be interviewed on film about what life is like for +

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.@BootsUK is hosting branded content in a dedicated parenting hub on the @Netmums site. Nice brand partnership!

11:15 AM — 22 May 15

We've been nominated for best PR agency at the #DIBLA15. Vote for us!

10:35 AM — 21 May 15

Interesting insights via @FT on how charities use #socialmedia to boost fundraising

11:40 AM — 20 May 15

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