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Posted on Wed 5th Aug, 2015 in: Influence, Marketing, Sponsorship by Aberfield

More than £200m a year is being spent by brands on Premier League shirt sponsorship, but are they making the most of their opportunities to engage with football fans? Which brands are using the shirt presence as an effective platform for audience engagement, and to communicate the brand's values and personality? And which brands rely merely on TV exposure to reach those audiences? Aberfield's in-depth research into the performance of shirt sponsors in both the Premier League and Football League Championship answers those questions. Our report concludes that £60m -around 30 per cent of the £200m-plus being spent on shirt sponsorship - is being wasted, simply because brands are failing to effectively reach and influence the clubs' fans. We found that Veho (Southampton FC), Aviva (Norwich City), Standard Chartered (Liverpool), Marathonbet (Fulham) and Ramsdens (Middlesbrough) have been the most engaged sponsors across the two divisions, while Wonga, Dafabet, Zebra Claims and Fun88 are among the least effective and engaged sponsors. Click here to read or download The Shirt Sponsorship League 2015 report. The Aberfield team has widespread experience of helping brands reach, and engage with, audiences in numerous sports, including football, golf, motor sport, horse racing, cricket and snooker. To discuss how we could help you gain a better return on your sports sponsorship investments, please contact Christian Dente on 0113 880 0444.

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