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Posted on Thu 9th Jul, 2015 in: Culture, Influence, Internal Communications, Jobs, Public Relations, Social Media by Aberfield

As Aberfield continues to grow, it was time for a PR graduate to join the team, which turned out to be good news for me. My name's Louise O'Donoghue and I've joined the team at Aberfield as a consultant. I studied PR and Digital Comms at Manchester Metropolitan University, but my degree covered a range of aspects surrounding PR and marketing. More importantly, industry experience has helped me build and improve a distinctive set of skills. I've worked with a range of clients and have experience in areas including fashion branding, as well as PR work for individual clients and small businesses. The team here are a warm and welcoming lot. My first day was better than I could have expected. I got stuck straight in, learning about clients, what we do for them and how my role will fit into the Aberfield way of working. And by the end of day one we were on 'selfie-taking terms'. I've not been here long, but I can already tell that Aberfield is the right agency for me. I'm bringing skills in social media management to the table, including my own unique research findings in social media for PR and marketing, along with an in-house knowledge of PR and branding. In return, I get to grow and learn new skills in an agency that has a forward-thinking approach to PR. Aberfield's approach is to focus on the positively influencing our clients' audience, rather than a limited one-way communication process. That positive influence philosophy is really something. This way of thinking is important to me and was a huge part of what made me want to work at Aberfield. I'm happy to be on board and hope the rest of the team are (at least a little!) glad to have me here, too. Aberfield PR Photograph by Richard Walker / www.imagenorth.net

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