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Posted on Thu 18th Jun, 2015 in: Social Media by Rebecca Armstrong

You've probably heard about the latest platform whipping the social media world into a frenzy and it's all about live streaming. Various start-ups have given it a go but it looks like Twitter's new live streaming app, Periscope, has finally caught on. So what is Periscope? Periscope is an app which allows you to watch and broadcast live video anywhere in the world. Its live feeds can be shot from iPhones and iPads and watched through desktops, laptops and smartphones on the Periscope app or via Twitter. Unlike its biggest competitor, Meerkat, Periscope saves the video streams once you're finished. Users can subscribe to Periscope broadcasts by people, businesses and brands they follow on Twitter, and then receive notifications every time someone starts broadcasting. The exciting bit!followers can type real-time messages to the broadcaster and others watching, or 'heart' the stream to show their appreciation. periscope (1) What's in it for brands? Periscope states 'a picture may be worth a thousand words, but live video can take you somewhere and show you around', offering an exciting opportunity for celebrities and brands to immerse their audience even further into their world!in real time.   Whilst there have been initial issues with copyright and users illegally broadcasting TV shows and live sports events via the app, there's an obvious opportunity for travel companies and tourism agencies to jump into live streaming, whisking their audiences away to experience another part in the world. But the opportunities are also endless for music venues, sports brands, the fashion industry, beauty brands!the list goes on!to offer up a new kind of content. So how can brands start live streaming? Now is the time to experiment with live streaming platforms and establish your audience whilst the cost is low, and it's relatively unsaturated by brands fighting for airtime. Here's our top tips:
  • Start by showing off! Periscope lends itself to the breath taking and the unique, so if you've got something impressive to show off, shoot it. Live. Now.
  • Offer previews, glimpses and a sneak-peek of what's in store - upcoming events, product launches or new developments.
  • Give viewers the most 'exclusive' content. Whether it's backstage at major events, from Wimbledon to Glastonbury, live tours of a brand's home (I'm imagining Anna Wintour showing us around her office, naturally!) or behind-the-scenes video of a TV ad, we'll be there.
  • Talk to your audience. The beauty of Periscope is that your audience can comment on your live stream, lending itself wonderfully to expert or brand Q&As and innovative competition launches.
  • Think outside the box. Followers can have their say on your video stream, so think customer engagement and rather than previewing the product you're launching, stream it in the development process and get your audience's input and feedback.
Happy streaming! We can't wait to see what's in store.  

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