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Posted on Wed 29th Apr, 2015 in: Influence, Internal Communications, Marketing, Public Relations, Social Media by Christian Dente

Were you born in 1980, 1985 or 1990? If so, you could be the perfect candidate to take part in our client's new social media campaign, and earn yourself £150. We're looking for a selection of 25, 30 and 35 year-olds (individuals and groups) to be interviewed on film about what life is like for them in Britain today. The footage will be used to create a series of short videos that will be hosted online and promoted via social media. The filming will take place on Sunday 17th May, Monday 18th May and Tuesday 19th May in Leeds. The filming will last one hour, and can be arranged to suit your schedule. "What's in it for you?" We are offering participants £150 as a thank you for taking part in our research. If you are interested in taking part, and talking about your life on camera, please complete the questions below and send your answers to hello@aberfield.com to submit your interest. ۢ Age: ۢ Name: ۢ Gender: ۢ Occupation: ۢ Current city/ town of residence: ۢ Place of birth: ۢ Marital status: ۢ Preferred day - Sunday 17th, Monday 18th or Tuesday 19th May: ۢ Preferred time: ۢ Email: ۢ Telephone: *No professional experience necessary. Each participant will be chosen with no preference to gender or race.

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