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Posted on Thu 2nd Apr, 2015 in: Public Relations by Aberfield

As Aberfield continues to grow in leaps and bounds, it is my time to say goodbye. Over the past six months, I have been completing my placement alongside a PR degree at Leeds Beckett University. As a final year student you look for placements that will help you to gain new skills or expand on the ones you have acquired over the years - not just make coffee (amazing as mine are). Here at Aberfield, I have had the opportunity to both develop and gain new skills, as well as being introduced to a different way of doing things. Aberfield combines and balances the creative and analytical side of public relations. Throughout the placement, I have been shown a new way of approaching communications, with the aim of positively influencing an audience in everything we do. Prior to my placement, I had gained a variety of skills from various placements, but one aspect of public relations I lacked experience in was social media. Within the first few weeks of my placement, I was introduced to social media planning - something I had come to believe as a thing of myth. This led me to explore and research a brand's tone of voice, in order to help me create a content schedule which would encourage the most engagement, and have the best possible positive impact on audiences. Not only does Aberfield understand its clients and audiences, the team here understands what to expect from a student, and they love helping placement students further their skillsets. There is always a moment of sheer fear when starting at a placement that you will be stuck doing the "undesirables"?. It was a sigh of relief when I was trusted with real projects and tasks, such as drafting press releases, liaising with the media and helping put together proposals for major clients. Working at Aberfield has given me the opportunity to expand my abilities. That, in turn, has given me the confidence to take on new challenges. I have had an amazing time working with everyone here. It is one of the most creative and welcoming agencies I have worked in. I can without a doubt say that I am finishing my placement with new skills and experiences that will help further my career.

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