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Posted on Fri 31st Oct, 2014 in: Influence, Public Relations, Reputation Management, Social Media by Rebecca Armstrong

As we approach the scariest night of the year, brands have been gearing up as usual for the occasion with spooky social media content and haunting ads, marketing and brand campaigns. But which Halloween creature fared the best this year? Here's our run-down of the most PR-ed and influential Halloween ghouls of 2014. 1: Zombies After decades in the shadows, zombies were in need of some good PR. The likes of Dawn of the Dead, 28 Days Later, Walking Dead and World War Z did wonders for their reputation and now they are enjoying the media spotlight. With over 1.1 million mentions on Twitter, celebrity endorsements (Ellie Goulding and Fearne Cotton), press coverage and brand campaigns based around them, zombies top the PR charts this Halloween. Fearne Cotton zombie As well as UK-wide fright night events bringing zombies to the streets, the UK's largest brands added to the zombie PR force this year, featuring the walking dead in their Halloween campaigns. Here's some of our favourites!

Ford - Spooky Halloween car wash prank


GiffGaff - When you're scared you're not the boss #alltheboss


Samsung - Samsung zombie switch

  2. Vampires

Snapping at the heels of the walking dead, vampires just missed the top spot. Second in our PR ranks, they must have been working with a pretty good agency, receiving over 900,000 mentions on Twitter. They know their audience and they've tapped into it beautifully. They are the Cara Delevingne of the spooks scene - a fash pack favourite.

Championed by fashion and retail brands such as ASOS and Topshop on social media, vampires even managed to secure some national press coverage via the Guardian too.

Vampire asos 3. The Witch Whilst witches still rank amongst the top for fancy dress, they seem to have lost their magical influence over the years, reaching number three in our charts after conjuring up around half a million mentions. The Guardian's guide to being a witch is well worth a read to get into the spirit - but as far as we're concerned witches are so last year. Our tip: to cast a better spell over their audiences. 4. Werewolf Taylor Lautner did a lot for the werewolf pack's PR when the Twilight Saga first hit our screens in 2008 but surprisingly werewolves have a relatively small share of voice in the Halloween conversations this year, mentioned under 100,000 times on Twitter. Despite not being able to reach the masses, they must have enjoyed this PR stunt by Trinity Leeds, which raised awareness of the werewolf in the north of the country at least! Trinity Leeds Halloween stunt 5. Girl ghost My favourite of all the fright night creatures, I was disappointed to see that creepy girl ghosts came bottom of this year's list, as the least influential ghoul. Mentioned around 7,000 times on Twitter this month, it looks like little girl ghosts need a new PR agency in the run up to next year, or a decent crisis comms plan at least. They did secure a few PR partnerships and managed to feature on two brand campaigns - the Phones 4 U TV ad and Ikea's take on The Shining. Despite Ikea's press coverage, girl ghosts just couldn't reach the right audience. Better luck next year, girl ghosts. Happy Halloween!    

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