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Posted on Fri 24th Oct, 2014 in: Newspapers, Public Relations, Social Media by Emma Lister

As a PR agency we always keep our Aberfield eye on the news agenda. Here are some of the positive and negative stories about brands, people and issues this week. Good week for:
  • Breast Cancer Campaign after its stunt to turn iconic landmarks in cities across the UK pink in aid of the charity. Chatsworth House, Belfast Castle and the Thames were among the landmarks involved. The stunt has received blanket media coverage and has encouraged people to share some of the striking images on social media. Some great exposure for the charity and a great view too!
  • Environmentalists as the EU Climate Commissioner called for a 40 per cent cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. A pact has been struck by European leaders, obliging the EU as a whole to cut gas emissions
  • Twitter as The Queen sent her first tweet live from the Information Age Exhibition she attended. It's great to see that she embraced the social media network for the event - it's just a shame that the content wasn't as amusing as that posted by @Queen_uk!
Bad week for:
  • The annual Mobo Awards which received much criticism, with viewers calling it a "shambles."? Many complained about the poor quality of sound, but others commented on hosts having trouble with the autocue and pronunciation. The awards organisers claim the sound in the venue was good but are looking into whether there were any technical issues which could have affected the experience for viewers at home
text mobo  
  • BeatBullying and Mindful UK which have been under scrutiny after they had to call in an administrator to settle money problems. ITV wanted to ensure the funds raised as part of its Text Santa appeal haven't been used to pay off debts so is seeking legal advice. Meanwhile, the website and phone lines of the charities have been shut down. It doesn't look good!
  • Renee Zellweger who became a talking point after an appearance at Elle Women in Hollywood Awards. The actress has been accused of having radical plastic surgery on her face. However, she has bounced back by insisting that it is down to her living a different, happy and more fulfilling life. We're not so sure!

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