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Posted on Fri 10th Oct, 2014 in: Industry Comment, Influence, Public Relations, Social Media by Tim Downs

Just a few stories from across the web, that have floated our boat this week and a couple of examples of buzzwords that have left us a little queasy. First off, we love a brand that really delivers on its promises and that's why we love GoPro, plus seeing people wipe out is always funny. But this short interview with company founder Nick Woodman caught our ear with his assertion that the business is not built on the product, but on the content it allows people to share. Now we think he is being a little modest as this clip of a GoPro that was lost at the bottom of the sea for over two months, and came up still working, proves the product still has to deliver. Talk about going above and beyond customer expectations. Plan-it Mojo is an interesting development by Virgin Holidays and Microsoft to help you discover what is happening in your favourite destinations around the world. Designed as a replacement for the travel brochure and traditional websites, it allows you to favourite, collate, and curate your favourite places using online content to plan future trips. Over the next two years they plan to develop the content and market the site. However, we wouldn't be surprised to see Google maps develop this functionality very soon, as it's a great idea.

plan-it Mojo

And, lastly, to bits of tech speak and jargon, that whilst probably not being new, have appeared on our horizons this week.
  1. Smartphone real estate - referring to the limited space for apps on your smartphone home screens and, therefore, how valuable an app must be to the user to 'earn' that space.
  1. Fracking for attention - The efforts that people will go to in order to gain attention on social media.

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