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Posted on Fri 19th Sep, 2014 in: Social Media by Phil Reed

There was a survey out earlier this week (no, I'm not going to name the brand that did it) that said one in seven people have stepped into a busy road without looking!because they were too busy staring at their phones. Not staring as in "how do I switch this thing on?"? but as in "how can I check my Twitter and Facebook feeds at the same time as sending a text to my mate about having a beer tonight?"?. Safety campaigners are forever highlighting the perils of our collective smartphone obsession, but no-one takes any notice. Which brings me onto our image of the week: an attempt by the authorities in one Chinese city, Chongqing, to stop people walking with their heads in a permanent stoop and bumping into passers-by like a demented pinball machine. [caption id="attachment_2102" align="aligncenter" width="374"]Segregated street for mobile users in Chongqing Segregated street for mobile users in Chongqing[/caption] It's a pavement that's been segregated, half of which is now a mobile-free zone. This being China, you could be forgiven for thinking the penalty for wandering into the wrong lane with your iPhone would be a lifetime's incarceration, but you'd be wrong. It's actually just a tongue-in-cheek PR stunt designed to raise awareness of the dangers of social media on the move. And is it completely changing the way pedestrians behave in Chongqing? No, of course not. According to locals, hardly anyone even notices it's there. Maybe they should tweet it?

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