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Posted on Fri 22nd Aug, 2014 in: Influence, Social Media by Rebecca Armstrong

A spoof, and rather offensive version of Greggs' logo, appeared on the famous pasty-makers Google profile page on Tuesday with the potential to damage the brand's reputation (for a few hours at least). Thousands were quick to point out the blunder which went viral in hours but, rather than releasing an official corporate statement or keeping quiet while Google worked to solve the problem, Greggs' reaction was bold and brilliant. Greggs started by tweeting a picture of doughnuts to @GoogleUK with 'fix it and they're yours #FixGreggs', sharing a few hilarious exchanges with Google. It then personally replied to the many tweets it received with funny, honest and human come-backs until the problem was solved. Greggs finished the action with our picture of the week, suggesting that Google made its next home page doodle out of sausage rolls to make up for the mistake. Some would say it was inspired, others that it made common 'social media' sense (it's a channel for conversation after all) - the Independent went with "a stroke of marketing genius, or an exchange that was as cloying as an iced bun topped with a glace cherry"?. Either way, Greggs undoubtedly did a great job of positively influencing the social media masses; acting quickly, knowing what the brand can get away with and reacting smartly. Greggs may not have influenced Google to doodle in sausage rolls but it grew its Twitter account three times faster than an average day and influenced us and the thousands of people who shared positive sentiment using #FixGreggs to love them for who they are, go out and buy a steak-filled pastry treat!and know we're not alone! Greggs

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