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Posted on Fri 1st Aug, 2014 in: Industry Comment, Influence by Jenny Wilkinson

This week's news has again been dominated by images of suffering and loss from across the world, but one story seems to be gaining more prominence, as the worst Ebola outbreak in history continues to spread through the West African nations of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. The virus has infected more than 1,200 and killed more than 600 since early this year, including two American aid workers and a top Ebola doctor in Sierra Leone. And now it's moved a little closer to home with this week's headlines warning that an "outbreak of deadly Ebola virus could reach UK". Although Ministers have reassured us that Britain has the "expertise"? and "resources"? to deal with the deadly Ebola virus should it come to the UK, Ebola is one of the scariest diseases on the planet, with its sudden onset, horrific symptoms and high mortality rate. The images emerging out of West Africa have been heart-wrenching yet, despite the horror, Getty Images' picture of the rows of disinfected protective clothing worn by the aid workers and doctors, has captured the selfless bravery of those who are battling to help the community; a strong symbol of the strength of human kindness during the most difficult of times.    

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