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Posted on Fri 25th Jul, 2014 in: Crisis Communications, Issues Management by Phil Reed

It's been a week of big news stories, which have created some dramatic and emotional images that have been reprinted, retweeted and reposted around the world. No story has been bigger, however, than the shooting down of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17, and the recriminations have led news bulletins around the world this week, putting the Russian government firmly in the spotlight. Lyudmila Vorobyeva is a Russian diplomat, whose posting to Kuala Lumpur as her country's Ambassador to Malaysia was hardly likely to give her sleepless nights. Until now. This week Ms Vorobyeva fronted a press conference at her embassy and - as this image by Associated Press (AP) reveals - gave a decent impression of a wounded gazelle surrounded by a pack of starving hyenas. And not a PR adviser in sight, nor anyone else to offer support. If there was ever one image that perfectly captures what it's like to be an individual caught in the eye of a media storm, we reckon this is it.

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