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Posted on Fri 11th Jul, 2014 in: Influence, Public Relations by Rebecca Armstrong

Few pictures sum up the emotions of a nation like our picture of the week and, like all great pictures, there's a heart-warming tale behind it. As the Aberfield team and the rest of the world tuned in to Germany - Brazil on Tuesday, we watched on in disbelief as Brazil's World Cup hopes were shattered by Germany in Belo Horizonte. A defeat that will go down forever in football history. But as we watched on, in horror for hosts Brazil, and respect for Germany's outstanding performance, the cameras panned to an elderly Brazil fan whose emotions caught us all. Grasping on to his replica World Cup trophy, the man's eyes filled with tears as he watched Germany score, and score and score!a moment of absolute sadness for his country. The image was powerful enough in itself as the world felt his pain. However, it turns out there's also a heart-warming story of kindness and team spirit behind it. The man's name is Clovis Fernandes - somewhat of a legend in Brazil and the team's self-proclaimed '12th player'. As the TV cameras panned away, Reddit captured the inspirational moment when Clovis handed his replica trophy to a Germany fan and, according to sources, told the lady to "take it to the final"?. In a day of despair, sadness and anger for Brazil, Clovis reminded us what the beautiful game is all about.      

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