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Posted on Fri 4th Jul, 2014 in: Influence, Public Relations by Emma Lister

At a time when Yorkshire has been at the forefront of the news, our picture of the week can only be Tour de France-related. So which of the many, many creative images taken this week did we choose? We've picked out the 'Yellow Prince' in Leeds' City Square, which paid homage to the arrival of the famed race this weekend. The 'Edward The Black Prince on horseback' statue is the first iconic landmark most commuters, visitors and residents see when arriving in Leeds. The famous statue was first unveiled in 1903 as a gift from Lord Mayor of Leeds Colonel Thomas Walter Hardy, and is at the centre of the eight nymphs encircling the square. But this week it was given a glowing makeover thanks to members of Holt Park Active and Holbeck Elderly Aid, who used around 30 balls of wool to create a yellow jersey for The Prince. The photo not only promotes the Tour, it champions Leeds as one of the most intriguing and positive places in the country. It reminds visitors how much the Tour means to the city and, more importantly, that it's a great place to stay. tdf

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