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Posted on Fri 20th Jun, 2014 in: Influence, Public Relations, Social Media by Emma Lister

If you didn't know any better you would think this detailed report with its carefully collated facts and figures was released by a brand or big corporation!a warped one at that. But in fact, it is the annual publication produced by terror group ISIS, announcing its 'achievements' over the past year, including bombings, assassinations and armed attacks. Our picture of the week goes to the 'infographic of terror.' This shocking and powerful infographic included in the report demonstrated a clear change in the behaviour of these groups, suggesting they deem it acceptable to release distressing information in this way. In a world where we're used to seeing infographics in everyday reports and articles - usually in a positive way - this is disturbing. We have to question if the user-friendly and visual aspect is an attempt to mask the seriousness of what it is actually saying. As before now, we've seen graphic images of terrorist attacks. Is it OK for us to look at an infographic like this and not be as shocked? isis                   Considering the infographic and report were created to impress potential donors and attract recruits, our only hope is that it is not successful.  

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