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Posted on Fri 6th Jun, 2014 in: Influence, Newspapers by Christian Dente

Our picture of the week could have been any one of many. An honourable mention goes to Paul the Octopus for causing panic on the streets of London (please forgive The Smiths pun), bringing traffic to a standstill on Oxford Street in what was definitely not a PR Stunt in any way shape or form! Kudos BetFair. But on a more serious note, on the 70th Anniversary of D-Day, our picture of the week remembers the brave men who landed on Normandy in 1944, risking everything to allow us to enjoy the modern freedoms we do today. From the many events across the world honouring one of the most significant military invasions in history, one image struck a chord. Jock Hutton 89, was just 19 when he jumped out of a plane to join the Allied assault on the beaches of Normandy. Exactly 70 years to the day, he returned to perform a tandem drop to the same field he landed on during D-Day. A truly poignant image, we believe Jock's courage today embodies the bravery of the thousands of men and boys that landed on Normandy 70 years ago. Asked if he was terrified after he landed, Jock simply replied 'Terrified?' with a chuckle. 'I've never been terrified in my life. I'm just a vicious little Scotsman!' We couldn't of summarised your bravery better ourselves Jock.

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