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Posted on Fri 30th May, 2014 in: Social Media by Phil Reed

Using your Photoshop skills to carry out a celebrity 'face swap' is nothing new. In fact, there's been so many Posh and Becks swaps over the years it's sometimes hard to decide which one looks best in a dress. But among this week's collection was one that immediately generated a "Whoaah!"? from anyone who saw it. The image instantly went viral. Posted by one @JimboLoony on Twitter, it attracted thousands of re-tweets and re-re-tweets. Inevitably, it was picked up by everyone from the Daily Record to the Huffington Post, who warned that the image was likely to give you nightmares! So our picture of the week is the potentially nightmare-inducing (and vote-losing) "what if!"? face swap between David Cameron and Alex Salmond. Don't say we haven't warned you!  

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