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Posted on Fri 23rd May, 2014 in: Influence, Public Relations, Social Media by Aberfield

Having carefully crafted engaging and impactful visuals for clients over the years, PR teams and professional photographers across the country must tip their hats to Michael Hoskinson this week, who managed to snap that unrepeatable 'hero' shot which captured the nation. Just in case you had a day off from Twitter (who does that?), Michael Hoskinson, an office worker, captured a single bolt of lightning striking London's iconic Shard on Thursday as the rain poured down mid-storm. The picture was Tweeted via @aiaworldwide and shared by hundreds within a few hours. Subsequently the photo was covered by national and international media too. Perhaps it was because his image showed the powerful force of Mother Nature in action, or maybe because the scene was reminiscent of epic sci-fi films but, either way, the atmospheric picture caught the imagination. A great example of the impact a skilfully-timed image, capturing an exceptional moment in time, can have on us all.

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