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11 Apr 2014

The youngest-ever influencer of the week – Prince George

Posted on April 11, 2014 by

Eight month old Prince George is being awarded our PR influencer gong this week, as he’s managed to maintain (comfort) blanket media coverage (online and offline) across the UK, New Zealand and beyond since Monday. And what did he do that was out of the ordinary? He acted like a normal baby!

Prince George has been out and about on his first royal engagement in New Zealand, but other than taking part in a ‘royal playdate’ and meeting Maori warriors, he’s done nothing that any other baby his age wouldn’t do. Yet, he’s made a fantastic impression across the world as the future King.

All eyes were on baby George as he demonstrated his “boisterous” side while playing with toys amongst nine other babies. Hair was pulled, toys were snatched and he even reduced another baby to tears as he “owned” the playdate.

The media are predicting the now “famous” dungarees he wore designed by Rachel Riley – inspired by the forties, fifties and sixties – will be a sell out. At only £77 each, of course they will be…

Collections of photos of the Prince are displayed everywhere from Huffington Post to Harper’s Bazaar. The Mirror has even run its own quiz, “Can you tell your Harrys from your Williams.”

Mothers across New Zealand have been desperately trying to cash in by setting their daughters up with the young Prince. The Duke of Cambridge joked that he has no shortage of suitors. Even at the age of eight months, parents are keen to pair him up with their children.

And despite this frenzy in both the media and public, it was concluded that the Prince is, after all, a pretty normal child. A pretty cute one though!


Therefore, we’d like to name him our youngest-ever influencer. He managed to capture our attention without doing anything out of the ordinary.  Hats off to him!

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