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Posted on Mon 31st Mar, 2014 in: Newspapers, Public Relations by Phil Reed

The start of a new week, and almost a new month. Did you remember to put your clocks forward? Something that's as regular as clockwork is our weekly PR digest of the big (and not so big) stories and events likely to be generating interest over the next few days. Plus, on occasion, the odd event that's certain to pass by without a murmur. Monday 31 - You know how the PR calendar is full of awareness days/weeks/months? Some are hugely worthwhile, creating campaign platforms that really engage with audiences and help change behaviours. Then there's ones like International Hug A Medievalist Day! Which probably won't be on the agenda of the Advertising Week Europe conference. Promoted as "the world's premier gathering of marketing and communications leaders"?, the four-day event will attract 14,000 people. For a marketing conference, the organisers' website seems pretty reluctant to tell you where it is (London, as it happens). Tuesday 1 - Time to play that popular game of 'Spot the Spoof'. The day when you should be suspicious of any news story that sounds too wacky even for Metro. And, on its first birthday, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) takes over responsibility for consumer credit regulation from the Office of Fair Trading. It means thousands of credit businesses will need FCA authorisation. That's definitely not a joke. Wednesday 2 - There's a big event in New York for Amazon. Tech journos are banking on it being the announcement of the company's new set-top streaming box, which will compete with Apple TV. If that's not enough to get the tech sector all of a dither, there's rumours of a big announcement from Nokia on the same day - possibly a new phone to take on the HTC One. Thursday 3 - The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh are due to have their first meeting with Pope Francis. The meeting, at the Vatican in Rome, will follow a private lunch hosted by Italian president Giorgio Napolitano. And more than 1,200 movers and shakers from the property world will gather in London for the 2014 Property Awards, organised by Property Week. Friday 4 - Camera crews will descend on Dawlish, where the storm-damaged railway line that connects the South West to the rest of the UK is due to reopen, following the February storms that left the tracks suspended in mid air. Saturday 5 - Have your pins at the ready, it's the Grand National at Aintree. Long-time sponsor John Smith's have given way to Crabbie's, so the new title sponsor will be looking for one of those fairytale stories that results in stacks of brand awareness.

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