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Posted on Mon 17th Mar, 2014 in: Industry Comment, Influence, Newspapers, Public Relations, Social Media by Phil Reed

From our secret media monitoring bunker in Leeds, we bring you our weekly guide to what's likely to be making positive PR headlines or sending spin doctors into a frenzy. Monday 17 - Previous surveys have suggested more Brits know when St Patrick's Day is than St George's Day, so we can safely predict there will be lots of photos being shared of people dressed as leprechauns and downing pint after pint of the black stuff. And that's just in the Aberfield office! We also expect to hear the result of the referendum in Crimea. If the vote goes in Russia's favour, politicians and economists around the world will be bracing themselves for more turmoil, which could drag down world stock markets. It's also the publication of Sir David Higgins report HS2 report, which is expected to call for the £50bn scheme to be brought forward and to start in the North. Tuesday 18 - Sainsbury's will be announcing its fourth quarter figures. If they're anything like the rest of the big four's figures, journalists will be asking whether soon-to-be chief executive Mike Coupe has a tougher job on his hands than his predecessor, Justin King. Wednesday 19 - It's Budget Day. All eyes will be on George Osborne, as the Chancellor stands up in the Commons to deliver his annual spending and taxation plans. With the economy looking in better shape than for several years, we can expect a few digs in the direction of his Labour opponent, Ed Balls. And it's 50 years since the Government published a consultation paper on regional expansion to cope with a booming population. It led to the creation of 'new towns' Milton Keynes, Basingstoke and Havant. Thursday 20 - Pharrell Williams will be helping the UN celebrate International Day of Happiness. Fans are being encouraged to post YouTube videos of themselves "demonstrating their happiness", using his 'Happy' hit. On Thursday, he'll be picking out the ones he likes best. If that's not enough to make you smile, it's also the official first day of spring. Which means we're heading towards summer. The Vernal Equinox marks the point where day and night are equal in length. Friday 21 - There was a young woman from Leeds, who bought a small packet of seeds. Her purchase in cash grew into illegal hash, and now it's some PR help she needs. Yes, it's World Poetry Day, as if you didn't know. The BBC's Sport Relief weekend gets underway, with one of the most shared highlights likely to be the reunion of Del Boy and Rodney!with that born comedian, David Beckham. Saturday 22 - It's the annual World Water Day, with this year's theme being water and energy.

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