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Posted on Fri 7th Mar, 2014 in: Industry Comment, Influence, Newspapers, Public Relations by Tim Downs

Page 3 has its knockers, but this week it demonstrated more front in the ongoing debate as to its appropriateness, with the announcement of a "ground breaking"? partnership with breast cancer charity CoppaFeel. The news that News UK will donate £1.5 million in coverage, in association with The Sun's Page 3, to raise awareness of breast cancer and specifically #checkemtuesday, has also raised heckles and eyebrows. Whilst The Sun's ability to reach a mass audience, and therefore act as a force for good, has even been welcomed by groups opposed to the continuing existence of Page 3, many critics have viewed it as a rather cynical attempt to shift attention away from the debate about whether it has a place in the modern media landscape. Pg3 tweet And whilst it's difficult to disagree that it is a rather lumbering attempt to claw back the moral high ground, it will also be interesting to see if, with a 45% female readership and reaching 1 million women with children every day, The Sun can shift the agenda far enough in the six months of the agreement for Page3 to have a future. Can its promise to be "dedicated to reminding readers to be 'boob aware' and to check for signs of the disease"? convince people that it's not really about showing sexualised images of young women, but a more touchy-feely Page 3 for a new generation? Or at least move people far enough to be happy to leave it alone. One thing that is for sure is that #checkemtuesday has gained a pretty impressive list of celebrities 'copping a feel', including Ollie Murs, Fearne Cotton and even Susan Boyle, and an even greater quantity of column inches and commentary. So, love it or loathe it, for better or worse, we have awarded our influencer of the week to Page 3 for its attempt to influence the debate and agenda around a subject that we are sure will run and run. Tim Downs, 36, Leeds 38-32-36

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