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Posted on Mon 17th Feb, 2014 in: Influence, Newspapers, Public Relations by Aberfield

If you've a PR campaign due to launch this week, you'll want to know what you're likely to be up against when it comes to influencing the media agenda. Well, as usual on a Monday, you've come to the right place. Here's a few of the likely headline-making events this week. Monday 17th - Rightmove is the latest from the property world to publish house price figures. Very likely they'll say what everyone else is saying: prices are booming, and not just in London. Tuesday 18th - it's Manchester City vs Barcelona in the Champions League, otherwise known as Mega Rich vs Mega Richer. Should keep the sports hacks occupied. And talks are due to start at the UN on reducing Iranian sanctions, so long as Iran cuts back on its nuclear programme. Wednesday 19th - The inaugural Bakery Innovation Europe conference begins in Munich. The two-day event is being attended by the big producers from across Europe, and will be followed intently by the food ingredients media. It's also the BRIT Awards, at the O2 in London and hosted by James Corden. Thursday 20th - It's the UN's World Day of Social Justice, "supporting poverty eradication, the promotion of full employment and decent work, gender equity and access to social well-being and justice for all"?. It's being fronted by Kerry Katona. OK, we made that bit up. Friday 21st - Don't forget it's National Chip Week. Did you know that each year we eat nearly three billion meals containing chips? Lots of facts like that on the NCW website. Unfortunately, this year's event started with a warning about the number of pan fires caused by people trying to recreate Heston Blumenthal's triple-cooked chips. So be careful out there, folks.

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