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27 Jan 2014

Time to fill up your PR diary for the week

Posted on January 27, 2014 by

Here at Aberfield, we always have our finger on the PR pulse. We know what the big news-making events are each week, and every Monday we share them with you. This week’s batch of beauties includes the final of CBB and the launch of the Bubble Wrap Hall of Fame. News doesn’t get much bigger than that!

Monday 27th – Yessss…it’s National Chocolate Cake Day! Everyone in Britain will be delivered a free tasty, gooey choccy cake to celebrate. Or perhaps not. Still, it’s an excuse to go out and buy one. You can’t diet forever.

If that’s too much, how about Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day and…wait for it…the first inductee to the Bubble Wrap Hall of Fame? Honestly, we haven’t made that up. Check it out.

Tuesday 28th – Big day in the photography world. Fujifilm is rumoured to be launching a new camera, the X-T1. It’ll cost over a grand, and tech journos are desperate to find out what features it will have. Will it take good selfies? Probably.

Wednesday 29th – The extended Celebrity Big Brother finally comes to an end on Channel 5. It was due to finish last Friday, but higher-than-expected ratings persuaded producers to keep the slebs locked up a little longer. Just not permanently, sadly.

Thursday 30th – It’s a busy week for tech journos. Today they’re invited to a UK launch announcement by Sony PlayStation. Rumour has it that Sony will be giving details of the European release of PS Vita Slim, which has been on sale in Japan since last year.

Friday 31st – Expect a last-minute PR push from HMRC, as it’s the deadline for self-assessment tax returns. Forget and you’re immediately hit with a £100 fine.

It’s also the start of the Chinese New Year. The date’s determined by the Chinese lunisolar calendar. Each year is linked to a 12-year animal zodiac cycle, and 2014 is the Year of the Horse. Let’s hope Findus don’t know that.

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