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Posted on Mon 20th Jan, 2014 in: Industry Comment, Influence, Newspapers, Public Relations by Tim Downs

Monday 20th - UK retail sales figures for December released by the ONS. You can read them here. Tuesday 21st - Beats Music, makers of Beats by Dre headphones, launches its premium music streaming service. Wednesday 22nd - The World Economic Forum (WEF) meets in Davos, Switzerland, and unites international political leaders, business leaders and journalists from across the globe. Thursday 23rd - The Public Eye Awards 2014 takes place. The awards allow the public to vote in an open and transparent process of naming and shaming the world's most irresponsible corporations. Might be time to give the crisis comms strategy a little spring clean. Friday 24th - The Mac is officially 30 years old. On January 24, 1984 the first Mac was introduced by Apple. Saturday 25th - It's Burns Night, so Haggis all round.

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