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Posted on Mon 13th Jan, 2014 in: Influence, Newspapers, Public Relations by Phil Reed

The super-sleuthing newsmakers at Aberfield PR have been sneaking a peek at newsdesk diaries to find out what's influencing their news agenda this week. Having crossed out anything to do with the weather or CBB, here's what's left... Monday 13th - It's 10 years since convicted serial killer Dr Harold Shipman was found hanged in his cell. A good excuse for tabloid journos to dig back into his grisly past. Tuesday 14th - The ONS publishes its latest house price data, which will give us a clearer idea of the extent of the house price boom in 2013. Should guarantee page leads in the Mail and Express. And journalists will attend an event in London hosted by Google. It's expected to be for the UK launch of the new Motorola Moto X phone. So far, the smartphone's only been available in the US. Wednesday 15th - It's the announcement of the World Scotch Pie Champion in Dunfermline. The award, organised by Scottish Bakers and the Scottish Federation of Meat Traders, will be announced by Les McKeown, singer with 70s heartthrobs the Bay City Rollers. He probably eats more pies now than he did then. Thursday 16th - It's the 50th anniversary of The Beatles' first American Number 1 single. Which one, pop-pickers? 'I Wanna Hold Your Hand', of course. And it's the day the Oscar nominations are announced. Friday 17th - 'The Wolf Of Wall Street', the new film by Martin Scorsese and starring Leonardo DiCaprio, is released in UK cinemas. Both are used to positive reviews for their films, so any critics who poo-poo it might wake up next to a horse's head. Sunday 19th - It's World Religion Day, which aims to unite people of all faiths by showing there are common foundations to all religions. We're reliably informed it has no connection with Private Eye's spoof 'Drawing All Faiths Together'.

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